Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Weekend Project

I tend to get the project urge on Sunday afternoons. Am I the only one who gets that now and then? I'm not sure what it is about that day, but after church and lunch are done and the kitchen is cleaned up, I must get a burst of energy or something. The urge to create is uncontrollable! So, a couple weeks ago, I was hunting for a project. Now, I'm trying super hard to keep my projects on a strict budget (read: free), so I searched the house up and down for something I could throw together. Here's what I found:

I know, it's a terrible picture. This is an old kid's chalkboard. When I found it at an antique store, it didn't have the back part of the frame, just the front. So it didn't stand up on it's own. But it was in good shape, and for $5, I loved it!

I actually bought it for our wedding. Hubby built the back part of the frame and attached it so it would stand up and we painted it white. Here's what it looked like in the lobby at our reception:

My dear sister-in-law wrote out the schedule the night before the wedding at probably midnight. And it was a morning wedding (I got my hair done at the church at 6am!), so I was very thankful for the bridesmaid and family members who helped me with last second stuff so late!

But anyway, since the wedding, the chalkboard had just been sitting in the finished but nasty and unused basement and I'd write on it every once in awhile, but mostly it wasn't used for much. But a Sunday afternoon, some scrapbook paper, hot glue, and twine turned it into this:

Now it's a cute memo board, complete with pictures of my adorable nephew! I have it in my laundry room, which I'm working on sprucing up a little until we get around to finishing the walls and making it a real room. Makes me smile every time I walk in!

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