Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some Pinterest-Style Organization

Am I addicted to Pinterest? Of course not! I doubt it. Uh, maybe sometimes. Ok, probably. But really, where else am I going to find ideas for all of those super cheap, cute, random things I see at the antique store and think "gee, I love that, but what could I do with it?" Really, it saves me money because I find tons of ways to repurpose cheap old things, or things I already have. Or that's what I tell hubby, anyway!

But to get to the point, I love organizing. Like, I could put every single little thing in our house in a container and label it and be madly in love with the whole thing. Containers and things in neat rows just make me happy. I've been on a kick recently with putting things that are already in a cabinet inside containers so the cabinet looks neater. Maybe useless to some people, but delightful to me! And here's my Pinterest inspiration for this trend:

Um, seriously, I could die from how gorgeous this is. Just. Die.

Source: bhg.com via Abbey on Pinterest

Yes, yes please let that be in my kitchen :)

Aren't those lovely?! I've been inspired to tidy up my own cabinets, particularly the kitchen pantry and the built-in bathroom cabinet. I usually just throw things in those cabinets and it starts to get to me after awhile. So, in honor of my new inspiration, this week I'll be posting about two organization projects that I've recently completed and love. I hope you'll find some inspiration, too!

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