Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas: Part 1

My Christmas decorating is FINALLY done! I've been really anxious to get pictures and a post written and share everything, but half of my pictures didn't turn out too well. So this post will start things off, then I'll write another post later when I get some better shots!

To start, welcome to our front door :) No one ever uses this door, but I love the new color I painted it this summer (used to be dark brown like the siding. It looked like the opening to a cave!).

I like wreaths, but I was soooo inspired by something similar to this that I saw on a blog somewhere. It's just an old picture frame I painted white and tied ornaments to with ribbon. Easy! So sorry I didn't keep the link, so I'm not sure who came up with it, but I think it is too cute and different.

Next you'll enter our living room, which I newly rearranged to accomodate that huge black TV cabinet! I don't think the angle of this picture does the cabinet or the fireplace justice. It really looks a little less crowded in person!

I'm super proud of how the mantle turned out! Here are a few close ups:

I think I need to work on my photography skills, because these didn't turn out as pretty as I hoped! Anyway, next is the kitchen, which has probably my favorite things this year. You can't see it so well, but I went for the red/lime green scheme, which I'm in love with!

My improvised Advent wreath...

On top of the pantry cabinet. The red bowl has vintage colored metal icicles sticking out of "snow".

So there's part one. When I get a chance, you'll get to see the bedrooms and bathroom!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Snapshots of Life

At 7am on Thursdays, I'm.....

....putting on my scrubs and heading to the hospital for a long day of clinicals for school!