Friday, September 16, 2011

A Taste of Fall

I LOVE this time of year! And yes, I did use every possible way to make "love" stand out in that sentence! Fall is my favorite. Not just because my birthday is in September (this weekend, actually!) as is hubby's, but also because I love cooler weather, pumpkins, apples (and cider. Oh, apple cider!), cooler weather, crunchy leaves, fall holidays, cooler weather... oh, I mentioned cooler weather already? :)

I also love fall decorating. I start putting things out September 1st. I know, technically not fall yet. But I don't care! I put out plain old orange, red, and yellow fall things for September, then add in some Halloween in October, then put the Halloween away and bring out a little Thanksgiving in November. It's the season that just keeps giving!

So here's a little taste of fall around our house. It's different every year, because I get most of my decor from things that my mom grows in her garden. This year, there were not as many pumpkins (sad!), but tons of little indian corn.

Outside and the porch:

I had all the things below split up between this cabinet and the patio table, but the dog learned how to jump on the table and thought pumpkins sounded like a yummy treat :)

Here's the kitchen:

And some from the living room:

So there's some fall fun at our house. Hope you're enjoying fall this year, too!

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