Friday, August 12, 2011

A "Duh" Moment

Do you ever have one of those moments? You know, the ones where you suddenly look at something in your house and go oh, that is perfect for {insert project here}? And you've been wanting to do {previously mentioned project} forever? No? I'm the only one? Ok then :)

Well, I've been dying to have an island in our kitchen from the very beginning. It's a great kitchen with lots of floor space, but not a lot of counter space, so it's pretty ideal for an island. Of course, with all the other projects we have going on, buying something to use as an island isn't high on the priority list.

When my husband moved into this house, the family of the older couple who owned it before us had left a few little things around. A cheap bedside table. A nasty old lamp. An ancient vacuum that didn't really work. And in the laundry room, a cute little metal cabinet. Now, there's tons of storage in the laundry room, so I wasn't really using this little guy:

It needs an update bad, although it doesn't look too bad from this far away. But it just wasn't doing much good, until I had that lovely "duh" moment and realized it's pretty close to perfect for a kitchen island, at least for now! So I convinced hubby to bring it up an incredibly steep, uneven staircase the stairs into the kitchen. He's so sweet and helpful.

So much more useful now! I love having it here. I think we may paint it....RED! I'm so excited about that part. Someday when it's painted red and I get my white cabinets, it will all look stunning :)

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