Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Big Bathroom Renovation, Pt. 2

When I left off last time, we had this giant mess in our bathroom (see Pt. 1 of the Big Bathroom Renovation here):

Thankfully, that's all a distant memory now! After getting the new tub/shower intstalled and the new toilet put in, hubby worked on the new floor. I just realized how much I say "we" in these posts. "We" in remodeling posts should probably be read as "hubby"! I do very little! Anyway, new fixtures and new flooring.

Then, the giant monstrosity of a medicine cabinet came out.

Yes, that is a hole through into the bedroom. About half of the rooms in the house don't have drywall, just panelling over the studs. Oh, that's just the beginning of the fun that is our house!

Hubby drywalled that hole, and we painted the upper parts of the walls. Under that old panelling is tile glue. Oh yes, tile glue. If you've ever had experience with the stuff, it is nearly impossible to remove from the wall without damage. Several rooms in our house have this issue, so we've chosen to just cover it up! We put white beadboard up in place of it, coming up almost 4 ft. high.

This room doesn't get a lot of light, but the dark blue isn't too dark. There's enough white with the ceiling, the beadboard and trim, the doors and window, and the fixtures.

I want to show you one last piece that was in progess this whole time. I love when people turn old dressers and desks into bathroom vanities. LOVE! Hubby was so sweet and let me search every antique store in town until I found just the right dresser to create our own! Which, of course, I didn't take a before picture of. But here it is in progress:

Oh, I can't wait for you all to see it finished!

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