All About Us

Hi! My name is Abbey. I'm a midwest girl, born and raised in the country, but currently displaced to town. I have a degree in business, but my heart is in my home. I've had many jobs in the last few years in several different fields, but none compare to caring for my home and husband. I love the Lord and don't know what my life would be if I wasn't following Him.

I met my hubby, Brian, in 2007 on After 3 years together, we were married in March, 2010. We have a great little 1950's ranch house that we are remodeling (mostly by ourselves) one room at a time. It's a big project, but we love it! We also love watching movies, taking walks, visiting museums, and helping out at church.

In June, 2012 we welcomed our son Lincoln. He's fun, smart, adorable, and a little demanding. But we could not be more thrilled and blessed by our darling Little Man!
Vintage Ellie is named after our 4-year-old beagle, Ellie. She is sweet, cuddly, incredibly fun, and very energetic! I started this blog because making our home is my passion and I wanted to share it. I hope I can encourage other women who want to be the best wife and homemaker they can be!


  1. So Sweet ...AAaaahhhh young love ! your Ellie is very cute.
    Good to get to kow you
    Kat griffin

  2. I thought this was so fun to read! You sound like the sweetest girl. Good luck on renovating your home. I know all about going from room to room. Sometimes I think I will never be done :)