Thursday, October 13, 2011

What We've Been Up To

This has been a really fun extra long weekend for us. Because they were moving into a new building and at the same time adding tons of new clients, hubby's work encouraged everyone to not take vacation days during the summer if possible. It's been a very busy, stressful few months for him! But he was able to schedule a few days off this week, and it was such a blessing.

First on the schedule of fun was hubby's birthday gift from my parents. They're planning to do a big, fun surprise for my brother and I and each spouse for a birthday in the next couple years. Hubby was up first: Indianapolis Colts tickets!!!

Hubby LOVES football. He pretty much jumps up and down when that first game in September comes around. We watch every. game. possible. I don't mind football. I enjoy just about every competitive sport once I get into it and understand the rules, so it's ok with me. My mom could hardly contain her excitement when they found out there was going to be NFL football this year. She literally got online and ordered the tickets the minute she saw it on the news!

We don't live too far from Indy, so this was a great day trip for us. Neither of us had been to the new Lucas Oil Stadium yet. I'd been to the RCA dome, and never liked it. But this....beautiful. Didn't think that could describe a football stadium? When you first walk in those doors and see the roof open (it was the most beautiful day and the roof was actually open, which I guess doesn't happen all the time) and the field laid out and all those windows, it's actually beautiful.

It was such a fun day. Sure, the Colts lost. Again. But it was so fun to get out and do something exciting, just the two of us. I know we won't be able to pick up and go for the day very easily in the future!

Yesterday we decided to do one of those things we love to do, but couldn't this yet this year. There are lots of those things. We love to go to museums and zoos, state parks for hiking, and drive to a different town and check out the shopping. We chose the Indianapolis Zoo this time.

I've never been during the week in the fall, and it was great, crowd-wise. I was a little disappointed that we spent so much to get in, then most of the little carts and food places were closed and there were very few interpreters around. But there were also very few misbehaved kids, so I guess it's a trade off! I kind of wish we would have gone to the Ft. Wayne Children's Museum instead. If you're close and have never been, try it out. It's great for adults as well as kids and so interactive. I think their displays are better, and it seems like they have more animals, although they may not really. But it's awesome.

The good thing about it being so quiet was that the animals were very active and would come right up to the glass. And there weren't so many people that we couldn't see them up close and personal. I loved that warthog up there! Such a funny little guy.

Overall, it was such a fun time and it was great to have time to reconnect with each other. We're kind of busy these days, running in different directions so often. Please ignore hubby's goofy smile in this photo, he was trying to aim the camera :)

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