Friday, October 7, 2011

A Confession and Spooky Touches

I have to admit something about this week: it's been rough, as far as blogging goes. I've felt pretty low about my abilities and level of interesting. Mostly, blogging is fun and exciting for me. It motivates me to push through and complete projects. It gives me an outlet for sharing the creative things hubby doesn't care to discuss in detail. It pushes me to step out of my comfort zone and share things I wouldn't normally point out to people. But sometimes, I can get frustrated. My photography skills and the capabilities of my cheap camera in no way do justice to how things actually look in my home. I wonder if the things I come up with, or more often, that I copy from someone else, are interesting to anyone besides me. It's been one of those weeks. But for me, that's part of what blogging brings to my life. Normally I would quit something when I start to feel this unsure. But I'm not quitting this. I'm pushing through. Hopefully, that push will make this blog continually better! Now for some fun!

Growing up, my family never participated in Halloween. I've never been trick-or-treating. We didn't have ghosts in our yard or jack-o-lanterns on the steps. I didn't really miss it, because there was so much fun fall decor in our house. We usually went to a "harvest party" at church, or mom took us out of school during the class party time and we got treat bags she made. Until I met hubby, who loves Halloween, the holiday wasn't part of my thought process. I'll tell you, I'm still not into witches and ghosts, but I don't mind sprucing up the fall stuff with some spookier items!

So here's a glimpse of Halloween at our house. I try to keep it on the prettier side and not go all cheesy or completely scary and gross. But I do like a little spook.

This sign is on our porch. I just started hanging a sign out there this summer, and I love it! Why did I never think of a sign outside before?!

On our table. You can't tell in this picture, but all the little pumpkins have glitter on them! I love glitter!

These are not the best pictures. Sorry for that, I can't seem to get enough light on this side of the living room! But you get the idea. And yes, those are little paper rat silhouettes. I found a package at Dollar Tree this year and was so excited! I saw them around blogs last year and loved them on stairs. I thought I would put them around the floorboards and in some of the windows at our house.....until I put on up on the floorboard and Ellie ate it. They were totally freaking her out! So they're all up high, but they mostly look cute.

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