Monday, October 17, 2011

A Quick Free Project

Last week, Jen from IHeart Organizing issued a challenge: organize something completely for free. Now that's my kind of challenge: organizing and free! Here's what I came up with.

When we remodeled our bathroom (read about The Big Bathroom Renovation here), we put in new shower walls that had shelves built into them. I was pretty glad to get rid of the old hanging shower organizer, but it was nice and I didn't want to just throw it away. We don't have a second shower in our house, so I got creative.

For having been built in the 1950's, our house has tons of closet space. I have this great closet in the hallway that we've always used for cleaning supplies, but it got to be a mess, with things just thrown in and tons of almost-used-up cleaning stuff jumbled together. Did I take a before shot to show you? Of course not, I can't even seem to remember that part! But I think you can imagine what can happen in a space like that over time without a good system.

I always have 3M hooks around in all sizes. I can hardly do anything without them, especially for holidays! So I used some of those to organize the handled items.

Then I straightened up the shelf and the other items on the floor. Lots of stuff went out of the closet, which helped a lot!

Then, my favorite part. I took the old shower organizer, used some ribbon to hang it on the bar in the closet, and put the things I use most in it. I also used a little hanger to hang the cloth I use on my mirrors, so it can dry out after I use it.

The shelf is just a bit high for me, and this allowed me to keep the most used things in easy reach, while keeping the next most used things in front on the shelf. No more stretching up on tiptoe to reach something I need every couple weeks on the very back of the shelf! And best of all, FREE!

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