Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm on the Drop Cloth Bandwagon

Yep, I've done it. I've jumped on the canvas drop cloth bandwagon. I'm late, I realize that. That's the usual state of my life when it comes to trends. But I'm here, at least! So here's my first drop cloth project: curtains.

So super easy. I mean, it was silly how easy this was. It took much longer to wash the material than to do all the rest combined! First, here's what I started with. I bought these blue curtains soon after we got married (hubby had no curtains in the house. No. Curtains.). I disliked them pretty much as soon as I got them up. The problem is, in my normal fashion, before buying them I missed the part where the panels were sewn to the rather ugly valence. Yes, clearly I went cheap. But I really just wanted the panels, and it was going to be way too much work to separate them. So I lived with them. Unhappily.

I also didn't quite have my style worked out yet when I got these. Shiny satiny-ness....not so much me. And you wouldn't believe how much lighter the room was when I took these down! I always wondered why the room seemed so dark.

So, a 4' x 15' drop cloth, washed, cut into 4 panels, and hung with clips made such a difference! I'll share a little secret with you: I didn't even finish the edges where I cut. How's that for a lazy project?! Now, I don't really like how the top looks with those curtain rods. They're the old white ones that curve around the window frame....I just don't think they make enough of a statement. At some point I want to get some nicer ones, but for now, it's definitely an improvement over the cheap-o curtains!

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