Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Man's Nursery

We started work on the baby's nursery long before I was even pregnant. I spent many long hours filling and sanding the existing fake wood panelling to look smooth. We painted the walls and trim and cleaned up the wood floors early in the pregnancy. I'd been planning the room for probably almost a year and collecting the items I wanted to put in it. So here's the reveal!

I didn't want a real theme for the room. I want it to be able to grow with Little Man and not be babyish. I think it may be more for me than him right now :) It's full of lots of vintage items and a lot of things from our families and our own childhoods. As he grows and gets more things of his own, we'll add those and take out the delicate things an energetic little boy might destroy!
I made his mobile with an embroidery hoop and paper airplanes hung with fishing line. At this point, he absolutely loves watching it move in the air from the fan!
From the beginning, I planned to use aqua and red in the room. When we found out the baby was a boy, I added bright green to the mix.
The bookshelf area looks a little different now because I had to make room for the books I can't seem to stop buying for him!
I adore the pegboard over the changing table. It's really bright and fun and more functional than even I thought it would be! Hubby was not real sure about that one, but he was sweet and put it up for me, anyway! I also love the dresser instead of an actual changing table (which I now realize I didn't get a great picture of). It is so much more functional and versatile than a dedicated changing table.

The only furniture we bought for this room was the crib, and the table by my rocking chair. The dresser was my grandparent's, the bookcase was my cousin's, and the rocking chair is the one my mom rocked both my brother and I in as babies. That was such a precious gift!
And there's me in all my pregnant glory :) I believe I was about 8 months in.
My favorite thing about this nursery is all the love it represents. So many items were gifts to us from our families just for this little boy, things that they had cherished and now passed on to us. We're so blessed with a loving family who are all just crazy about our son!

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