Monday, September 3, 2012

My New Man

He's two months old as I write this. In fact, at this time two months ago, I was probably holding him for the first time (I hardly remember that moment, after the drama of his birth).
Yes, I'm just now introducing him to the blogging world. I'm a new mom, and therefore a bit behind :)

My sweet Little Man. We call him that because when he was born, his grumpy, thoughtful, and crying faces involved wrinkling his forehead and scrunching up his nose and it all made him look like a little old man. His real name is Lincoln, after my great-grandfather (who was named for the president, in case you were wondering).

Daddy is fascinated with Little Man. The look on his face the night his son was born will be etched in my memory forever. He's an amazing dad and took to it naturally from the first moment. Because I had a c-section and was stuck in bed the first night and day, he changed all the diapers for me, and still changes many of them. He helps with dressing and calming him down. He clearly loves his son dearly. I can't wait to see them play and rough house together someday.

I have lots of catch-up posts coming, since I haven't posted since the very beginning of my pregnancy. Stay tuned for more on our precious boy!

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