Friday, September 14, 2012

Two Months

Month two was a big one for Little Man. He didn't gain as much weight as month one, but he had a huge growth spurt in length at the end of the month! He lost a lot of the newborn look and now just looks like a round, sweet baby boy. His pediatrician again kept describing him as perfect at his two month appointment!

One of his favorite things is his Papaw. Just like his cousin, he adores Papaw. He also loves being outside. He instantly stops crying when we take him outside while he's upset. That will be useful, until winter :)

Little Man was dedicated to the Lord at our church this month. A dedication is basically a service where the parents acknowledge that the baby is a gift from God, and promise to raise him to love and honor the Lord. It was a beautiful ceremony, and we were thrilled that our pastor was able to do it on one of his last Sundays before moving away.

Little Man learned so many fun things this month. He started cooing and "talking" to us, and to his toys. And to ceiling fans. And to the dog. His favorite is cooing at his paper airplane mobile when he wakes up and kicking his feet really hard in the crib. He can hold his head up really well now, and support a little weight on his legs when you stand him up. He discovered his fingers this month, laughed once or twice, and started smiling at people.

We started regular story time this month, and he actually pays attention to the book for a few minutes. He slept through the night for the first time, but just once. He also went to his first antique tractor show (one of Papaw's favorite things) and first flea market (one of Momma's favorite things!).

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