Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Inspiration Abounds

My mom and I joke that hubby is going to take the internet away from me. Almost every day I see some beautiful, creative, or inventive idea that I just have to try. And then poor hubby has to listen for hours to the wonderfulness of this new project, on top of all the other projects I want to do.....I tend to overwhelm him with my excitement!

But anyway, when we first got married, I went cheap in our bedroom. Wal-mart Better Homes and Gardens collection the whole way, topped by an ancient rug my parents gave us to help keep the room a little warmer in the winter. A mere year and a half later.....not thrilled with the cheap curtains and bedspread anymore.

After seeing my updated hamper, I felt like the rest of the room looks pretty out of place. And I realized that I want our room to be a retreat for both of us, a place that's purely us, and the current look isn't cutting it. So I'm making small changes, while getting inspiration for the big things like bedding. I thought I'd share a few of the incredibly inspiring looks I've found so far!

So don't you totally love some of those?! I can't wait until our room looks like that! Enjoy!

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