Monday, June 27, 2011

Thankful Thoughts

Last week, a friend of mine posted on Facebook about how, rather than complaining about all the things she wishes were different about her house, she wanted to share the things she loved about it. I love that thought! I have a tendency to be a little negative and I'm always thinking about the next thing I want to get for or change about the house. So, in honor of being a little more thankful, here's a list of the things I love most about our house!

1. Its our first place together, the house we can drive by years from now and point out to our kids and tell them that's where our family started out.

2. The wonderful man and adorable doggy I get to share it with!

3. It isn't your typical 1950's ranch, where you come into the living room or kitchen and the other rooms are all off a straight hallway. It has some fun character and history.

4. Speaking of history, I love that it was built in 1954. That's one of my favorite time frames to decorate from, so it is perfect for me!

5. I also love this cool story that my husband heard from a guy he works with. Apparently, the guy grew up right near our house and he told hubby the house was originally built down the street, and was moved to this lot in 1954! His mom used to practice photography outside, and I guess he has pictures somewhere of the house in the original location. I would love to see those!

6. The entire house needs updated and remodeled, which may sound like a bad thing at first. But that just means we get to redo the whole place without feeling bad about replacing mostly new things. And we can make it totally ours!
7. We have a strong, sturdy house that keeps us cozy and protected. So many people don't have anywhere near as much as we do. God has truly blessed us!

8. Our house has plenty of space for the two of us, and enough for when we have a family later on. It isn't huge, but we'll never have to move because we run out of space. Unless we have ten kids or something. Oh, heaven forbid :)
9. I have my own *huge* laundry room. I hate doing laundry in a public facility, and it is a blessing to me not to have to cart it anywhere or deal with other people while doing it. And like I said, the room is massive, so that's a bonus!

10. Most of our rooms get tons of wonderful sunlight. I love natural light and usually throw open all the blinds and curtains first thing in the morning. Nothing makes me happier than a comfortable morning with sun streaming in the windows!

So there's the top ten things I love about our house! Take a few minutes to look around and be thankful for your home today!

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